The Best Artist Storage Rack for Paint Tubes and Brushes

Organizing painting supplies can be an impossible task for artists, believe me, I know first hand. With always grabbing different colors and brushes, it's easy to lose track of your supplies and create a mess. But, I've recently discovered this paint and brush rack which has made the organization of my art supplies A LOT easier. In this review, we'll explore the features of this organizer, its pros, cons, what customers are saying about it, and how it helped me transform the disaster that was my messy studio:

Revolutionize How You Organize Your Paints And Brushes With This Artist Storage Rack

The organizer I'm talking about is the Mezzo Artist Paint and Brush Rack. I recently added the set of three which includes three separate organizers. One rack is specifically for paint tubes and the other two can hold both paint and brushes.

Best paint and brush rack for art studio organization

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Overview and what makes it great

The rack is made of a pretty durable wood for what it is, ensuring it's sturdy enough to withstand daily use. The paint rack has angled compartments, which makes it a very aesthetically pleasing display and also helps to find the colors quickly. The brush holders work for short or long handle brushes and I haven't had an issue with any particular brushes yet.


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One of the best things about this set of organizers is the compact size. They won't take up much space on your desk or work area, making it perfect for artists working in smaller studios or where space is limited. Additionally, they are very lightweight and portable, making it easy to move them around.

the best paint tube and paint brush organizer for your studio

Assembling the rack was a breeze. Each component of the set comes with simple instructions and require no tools for assembly. I was able to put all three racks together in about 10 minutes and the parts fit together perfectly. I've read that some couldn't get it assembled right, but it's a tight fit, so as long as you follow the instructions than it shouldn't be a problem.

Revolutionize How You Organize Your Paints And Brushes With This Artist Storage Rack

Who it's for and more importantly, not for..

Overall there's overwhelmingly positive reviews if you search across the web. Some of the reviews on Amazon are a little hit or miss, but take those with a grain of salt. A large portion of negative reviews for this organizer complain that this doesn't work great with certain types of paint tubes. For instance, some paint brands have tiny tubes for their oil paints and conversely, some acrylic brands use very long brands. The rest of the negative reviews are mostly due to damage during shipping which this product is sold by Amazon and so you won't have any problems with returns or exchanges if you get unlucky.

Many others have praised its versatility, allowing them to organize their supplies in a variety of ways. I can attest that it's quite the nifty organizer and for my average shaped paint tubes (both large and small), it's worked wonders for my studio organization.

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Organize the paints in your studio with this storage rack

In summary, this storage rack set is an excellent solution for any artists looking to organize their painting supplies. I have no regrets on my end and I would absolutely purchase this again. It was easy to set up, looks great, and most importantly, my studio doesn't look like a hot mess anymore.

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