2024-2025 Federal Duck Stamp Print

northern pintail by chuck black - federal duck stamp

Initiated in 1934, the Federal Duck Stamp program has raised over a billion dollars for the preservation of over 6 million acres of American Wetlands. The artwork for the stamp designs have been created by some of the country's finest artists. This year, Chuck Black's oil painting of a Northern Pintail titled, "Graceful Anticipation," was selected for the 2024/2025 stamp.

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The Editions:

federal duck stamp art prints

Collector's Edition

The most popular edition features a lithographic print that is individually numbered and signed by the artist.
(Shown with mint stamp)

federal duck stamp shop art prints

Medallion Edition

Distinguished by a gold-plated medallion and a smaller edition size, this print is typically framed as shown with the medallion and two duck stamps—one mint and one signed by the artist.

federal duck stamp remarque art prints

Executive Edition

The Executive Edition, one of two remarqued editions, carries an original pencil drawing hand-crafted by Chuck using both graphite and charcoal.

federal duck stamp remarqued art prints

President's Edition

A true Chuck Black original oil painting. The President's Edition is distinguished by a one-of-a-kind color remarque hand-painted to capture both the beauty of the bird and essence of it's habitat.

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About the Federal Duck Stamp Program

The Federal Duck Stamp Program has been a keystone of wildlife conservation in the U.S. since its establishment. This essential initiative has played a critical role in preserving millions of acres of wetlands, which are vital habitats for migratory birds and other wildlife. The program is unique in its funding mechanism, where the majority of the revenue from stamp sales directly supports land acquisition and habitat preservation within the National Wildlife Refuge System.

Each year, the program also highlights the importance of wildlife conservation through its renowned art contest. Artists from across the country compete to have their work featured on the stamp, bringing national attention to conservation efforts and showcasing stunning wildlife artwork. The winning designs not only celebrate the beauty of wildlife but also help raise awareness about the need to protect natural habitats.

Purchasing a Federal Duck Stamp is more than a requirement for hunters; it is a direct contribution to conservation efforts. The program also supports recreational activities such as bird watching, hiking, and photography in the protected areas.