The purpose of my artwork

My paintings are much more than a piece of art for display; they're a window into the stories and feelings told by our world's greatest resources. These works represent so much of what's most important to me, my journey through life, and the positive impact that I hope to leave behind. I see each creation of mine as having a life of its own, projecting its message through time.

North American Wildlife Art - Bison Painting

In order to properly capture such a story and create a painting that stands the test of time, it must begin with only the finest quality materials. To ensure that a work retains its brilliance and value, each component from the surface's backing to the color pigments used are carefully scrutinized.

Oil Paint - Michael Harding Paints

Through the years I've always strived to produce the best quality artwork that I can. Over time I've learned which types of surfaces are superior, what colors breathe the most life, and what components lead to a painting having excellent longevity.

Making a canvas board

From the ground up, every painting is hand-crafted to perfection. The result is a work of art that exhibits an exceptional feeling of realism without sacrificing the qualities of a fine oil painting.

Planning an Oil Painting on Canvas

Each step of my process is carefully planned and curated in order to give it a quality foundation to endure the conditions that may lie ahead. These paintings are born from my passion and carried out with love.

Oil Painter Chuck Black - Wildlife and Art

From the first venture out into the wild to the last touch on my signature, I pour my heart into each painting. These works each represent a piece of my legacy; they are etched into the history of my story forever and I don't take that aspect lightly with any painting.

Signing an Oil Painting - Chuck Black

I see the work I do as an investment in what's most important. Our world's natural resources are astounding to say the least and I feel I owe every ounce of energy I have to honor and help bring more attention to it.

close up detail of my oil paintings

I've given my life to this journey and want my collectors to not just see, but experience the worth of their investment. Beyond the simple aesthetic pleasure, I hope that owning an original piece of mine can provide a sense of fulfillment and emotional value.

mule deer painting - wildlife art

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest in my work.

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