A Painter's Reflection On What Is 'Hard to Come By'

In the heart of the mountains, up where the peaks kiss the sky, lies a sanctuary almost untouched by time. This is where 'Hard to Come By,' a 30x40" oil on canvas, was born. It is a story about the grandeur of the wilderness and the moments that define it.

Landscape oil painting by Chuck Black

A Night Under the Stars

The journey of this painting began under the starlit canvas of the mountainous sky, where towering peaks could be likened to a cathedral's grand presence. As an artist, I find myself immersed in the silence of the night, a time when the snow clings on well into summer and time seems to pause. I realize just how small we really are in comparison to our surroundings. This captivates me.

Early morning in rugged mountainsThe photo I snapped the morning after spending the night beneath this mountain peak

Spring's Slow Dance Towards Summer

Spring in these high altitudes is a drawn-out affair, with winter's icy grip lingering, stubborn and unyielding. It is during this transient phase that life performs its cyclical ballet, recycling the old and nurturing the new. This display of life cycles is something I hope to have captured with this artwork, or at least a small piece of it.

Snow melt on the mountain

In the Company of Overwhelming Beauty

In the presence of such beauty, one cannot help but feel a profound sense of insignificance. It is a place that invites introspection and sparks the imagination. I'm often overwhelmed by the feeling of it all, leading me to daydream a place painted with the vivid colors of wonder. While elements of this scene are drawn from the real world, as a whole, this scene only exists in my mind.

I imagine as the storm clouds scatter, they give way to a spectacle of colored-light that stops you with its brilliance. The roar of a distant waterfall becomes harmonized with the calm air, a sound that speaks to the soul.

Grizzly bears over a carcass

The Circle of Life

Nature's harsh realities are etched into this landscape. I want the painting to narrate a tale of survival, where two grizzlies stumble upon a winter's casualty. This rare bounty sets the stage for a clash between life and death. I find that there is an inherent beauty in this eternal cycle. I hope to explore this more in the future through my work.

Landscape artist Chuck BlackView more of my artwork

You can watch this painting come to life through the time-lapse video I shared to my YouTube:

Final Thoughts

Reflecting on 'Hard to Come By,' I am filled with gratitude for nature's vast canvas that inspires my work. It's a privilege to capture such moments and share them with you. If this painting resonates, and you're drawn to keep a piece of this story, prints are available to bring a sliver of this wilderness into your space. Thank you for taking the time to ready my story and allowing me to share my artwork.

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