There Really Is Nothing Else Like It

Wildlife Oil Painting - Waterfowl Art

Our world's wetlands are one of the most fragile and precious ecosystems to exist. Wetlands are the backbone of our wildlife, and the loss of this critical habitat often slips under the radar. In the United States alone, about 85% of wetland habitat has been drained and destroyed for agriculture or development.

Wildlife Art with waterfowl

 When I first experienced the true magnificence of what a healthy wetland ecosystem is, I gained an appreciation for these places that I didn't know was possible.

When I moved further West to the Rockies, I knew I'd miss not being able to experience the abundance of wetlands that the upper Midwest harbors.

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To my surprise however, I discovered just how rich the Western landscape was of these marshlands. In fact through all the exploring I did in the years to follow, I found these Western wetlands to be even more inspiring.

Ducks and Waterfowl Art - Oil Painting

 I found that many of these places were sometimes even less disturbed than some of the premier places back East, examples of true hidden gems.

I'll never forget stumbling across what I now consider my favorite place to experience the marsh and observe the wildlife that inhabits it. With miles and miles of potholes, creeks, marshes, lakes and stunning backdrops, this area captures everything I love about the wild.

During the spring the sounds of amphibians, insects and birds are so abundant that it creates a constant hum in the air which seems almost deafening. Add to all of that the sounds of wing beats in the air, the subtle sounds of the water, the surrounding views of the mountains and this place truly becomes a model of perfection in the eyes of Mother Nature.
Wildlife artist Chuck Black
These places of sheer beauty exist throughout all waterfowl migratory paths. To witness these birds in such abundance while in such a beautiful place is an extraordinary sight to behold and there really is nothing else like it.
"Nothing Like It" - 30x40" Oil on cradled canvas board (2.5" depth).
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